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Imagine finally taking your family on an extended vacation without hesitation or worry about your customers, your operations or your team.  That’s what “Freedom” feels like for the business owner with a radically-engaged team!


Peace of mind is knowing you can rely on your team – whether you’re in the office or out of town.  Trusting those you have empowered to execute on your behalf.  Resting well without constantly checking in.  That’s what “Confidence” feels like for the business owner with a radically-engaged team!


Exceeding your goals on a regular basis while spending your time focused on big-picture thinking, expansion plans and making a difference in the world.  All while your team is effectively and efficiently handling the day-to-day of your business.  That’s what “Success” feels like for the business owner with a radically-engaged team!!

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Powerful Stories


Legacy Plumbing

Legacy Plumbing has experienced amazing success, growing from just 4 plumbing technicians to now well over 25 in a short 7 years.  Their growth is especially remarkable in an industry that has been very competitive with good talent very difficult to find.
Legacy Plumbing’s secret was to write their job postings more like marketing promotions, discussing their company values, their high standards of excellence and their commitment to learn, grow and be the best in their industry.  They focused heavily on FIT rather than SKILL when hiring new team members.
Because of these tactics, licensed plumbers came from everywhere and wanted to be a part of this winning team.  With a large pool of highly-qualified candidates, they could select top tier candidates for every open position.
And as icing on the cake, Legacy Plumbing was recently voted one of the best places to work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Genesis Elevator

Genesis Elevator, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has a team of 50 employees.  Jay, their owner, has embraced involving his entire team in their hiring process.  He realizes that more opinions make for better decisions.
Their hiring process includes group interviews, where top candidates for any open position are interviewed at the same time.  Jay invites everyone on his team to participate in the group interview.  They are welcome to sit in on every interview, meet the candidates and vote on whether a candidate should get an offer of employment from the company.
The result – Genesis Elevator has attracted strong talent in all areas of the business, new hires get up-to-speed faster, and business performance is through the roof!
In an industry dominated by union workers, Genesis Elevator is a nonunion company – and their unique hiring processes allow them to make faster decision, work better as a team, and far outperform their competition.

Unified Supply

Unified Supply is a team of 25 who provide repair parts for airport baggage handling systems. One key aspect of the company’s success is being intentional about their new hire on-boarding process.
It’s not a simple 1-2 week process, but rather a 3 month, comprehensive orientation program which applies to every new team member – regardless of their position.
They recently hired a new Chief Operating Officer (COO). But before assuming his role as leading the operations of the company, he first had to complete a 3-month orientation process, working in every function of the business.
At Unified Supply every new hire is informed that at the end of their orientation period, every person on the team must vote “Yes” to their become a regular employee, in order for the new person to continue with the company.
It’s a powerful message to the entire team.  It drives the team to work better together and results in consistent, high-standards of behavior which help the business grow and thrive.

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