Inspiration is a funny thing.  It is one of those things that hits you when you’re least expecting it.  We’ve all heard the stories of people being inspired while taking a shower.  Others have their inspirational moments while working out, or being out in nature, or while experiencing a life-changing event.

I want to share with you an inspiring moment I had recently that hit me while I was sitting at church listening to a sermon.  I know, not everyone reading this is an avid church-goer, but I often find that sitting quietly while listening to a compelling message can often times illuminate some very inspirational thoughts.

This happened to me just last week.  The topic was the 7 Characteristics of a Trail Blazer.  Obviously the context of the message was biblical, but it didn’t take long for me to have that “aahh hhaa” moment when it was clear to me that the message truly fit for entrepreneurs and business owners.

As the sermon continued, I found myself frantically taking notes and thinking about just how true the lesson was for those who in today’s business world take risks, try new things, challenge the status quo and want to make a difference – a “dent in the universe” to quote the late Steve Jobs of Apple.

So what are the 7 Characteristics of a Trail Blazer?

CURIOSITY – the ingrained trait of always asking and wondering WHY something works and the relentless questioning IF something could work.

HOPE – the positive outlook on every situation with the unfailing faith that things will work out.

PASSION – something deep inside you that burns to right a wrong or make a difference and change the world for the better.

COURAGE – the internal confidence to face your fears straight on and press beyond them.  Not backing down because of resistance or nay-sayers.

INDEPENDENCE – the desire to be your own person and not just follow the crowd, no matter how comfortable or easy it may be to conform.

SELF-CONFIDENCE – the conviction to stay focused on what matters most and ignore distractions that will take you away from making a big impact.

PERSEVERANCE – willing yourself to press on when others would simply quit or take an easy way out.

Let me ask you, don’t these sound like the characteristics essential for success in business today?  I sure think they are.  While they were certainly true for spiritual leaders in biblical days, they are timeless and apply today without exception!

So how do you stack up against these characteristics?  Do these describe you?  Better yet, would those around you describe you using these characteristics?

If the answer is yes, then you’re well on your way to making your own personal “dent in the universe”.  If, however, you’re falling short in one or more areas, perhaps its time for you to stand up, shake it off, step out and get out of your comfort zone!

Nothing that has ever been accomplished in this world has come without the risk of failure.  No one has simply fallen into success (ok, I’m not talking about some of today’s fake hollywood celebrities).  Success requires curiosity, hope, passion, courage, independence, self-confidence and perseverance.

You’ve got it in you.  It’s who you are deep down inside.  Let the beast out and go make your mark on this world.  And no matter what you do, remember to…

Ride Hard!

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