You’ve heard the expression “when the student is ready, the teacher will show up”.  I had that very experience over this weekend.  I wasn’t necessarily looking to be the student, but unexpectedly, the teacher showed up.Explosive-Growth-Photo1-300x225

I thought I was just going out for a nice, relaxing dinner with my wife.  But when we arrived at the restaurant there was a 50 minute wait.  So rather than just sit and wait, we decided to walk next door to a bookstore and take a look around.

As I do when i get to a bookstore, I headed straight for the business section – always anxious to see if there are any new business books that I can check out.  That’s when the teacher showed up.

I found a book that was not new, but was just what I needed.  A quick read with a powerful message.  One that I found very timely and one that I am confident you would benefit from as well.

Jon Gordon wrote a best seller titled “The Energy Bus”.  Any book with a foreward written by Ken Blanchard is certain to be worth reading.  So, with 50 minutes to kill, I bought the book and sat down to dive in.

Written in story format, the read was quick, interesting and full of captivating messages and powerful concepts.  I found the story so applicable to both myself and many of the business owners I talk with daily, I read it after dinner then finished it Sunday morning before church!

The Energy Bus is all about how the power of positive energy can transform your life, your relationships and your business.  Jon Gordon outlines the 10 Rules to Fuel your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy.

That’s why I asked if you were the CEO of your business.  CEO on the Energy Bus is Chief Energy Officer.  And I can tell you that unless you are a CEO, you are destined to struggle, be frustrated, and have a lack-luster team.  So how are you doing at your role as CEO?

Now, my purpose here is to help you, so let me give you the Rules on board The Energy Bus:

1)  YOU are the Driver of your Bus. – You, as the business owner, need to make a decision to drive your energy bus.

2)  Desire, Vision and Focus move your bus in the Right Direction. – You must know where you are driving your bus and stay focused on your desired destination.

3)  Feed your ride with Positive Energy. – “Feed the Positive Dog” (there’s a powerful message in this chapter).

4)  Invite people onto your bus and share your vision for the road ahead. – Let your team see your enthusiasm for where you are going.

5)  Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus. – Ask everyone to make a decision and spend your energy on those who are on board with you.

The first 5 rules are pretty simple and straight-forward.  But rules 6 through 10 are the ones that truly set the winners apart from the losers.  But to be fair to Jon Gordon and his effort to write the book, you’ll have to go get it to get the maximum benefit.

I think we can all agree there is more power in positive energy than there is in negative energy, yet day after day business owners like yourself are “leading” with negative energy.  Only when you get serious about being the CEO of your business and change your behaviors to generate positive energy will you see the results you have been searching for.

Get the book.  Read it.  Re-read it.  Share it with your team.  Get them to get on your bus.  And begin acting as the CEO of your business.

You will thank me for the recommendation and thank Jon Gordon for his powerful insights on leadership.

Ride Hard.

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