Does your team function like a Nascar Pit Crew? Where everyone knows precisely what their assignment is. They work quickly and efficiently. They are totally in sync with one another. There is no wasted energy. No slacking off. No hesitation on what is expected. They have demonstrated their competency through repeated practice, timing and qualification.

When you see a Nascar Pit Crew in action it is a thing of beauty. They are well prepared for when their “customer” arrives and then they leap into action –

Does Your Team Function Like a NASCAR Pit Crew?

Does Your Team Function Like a NASCAR Pit Crew?

as a team – to deliver exactly what the customer wants and needs. Does this describe you and your business?

Or do the folks on your team work more like they are cast members on a daytime Soap Opera? Where there are main characters and minor cast members. There are multiple story lines occurring at the same time. Some are talking quietly so others can’t hear. Suspicious glances are give to from one person to another. One or more of your team are missing when something big is about to happen.

A Soap Opera is filled with drama and suspense. Not what you want when you’re about to open your doors in the morning to greet your first customers. But when a slow-moving team member comes in just before the start of the day, having had a rough night, it creates more drama and frustration that any soap opera. Does this more accurately describe you and your business?

There’s a huge difference in these two scenarios – and it has everything to do with your business success – or lack of it!

Yet I am surprised and shocked to see how often business owners are willing to put up with the antics, drama and uncertainty that comes with the soap opera scene. For some reason, or any reason, many business owners are fearful of standing their ground, taking charge of their business, and drawing the line at a higher standard. Why?

I’ve heard most every excuse you could imagine. From “their family” to “they are the only one who knows my system” to “I can’t afford to find time to get someone new” to “I’ve tried before and it didn’t work” to “I’ve learned to live with it” to “they’ve been with me for years”. All lousy excuses, but all real.

Here’s what else is “Real”. There are 2 things that kill success – that stand in the way of “Abundance” – having everything you can want – and more. DRAMA and COMPLEXITY.

If there is DRAMA in your workplace, you cannot be successful. Drama is a huge distractor. It will suck the life out of a business quicker than anything. It will sour your team and your customers on your business or organization and many will RUN from you to avoid your drama!

If your business processes are filled with COMPLEXITY, then you cannot be efficient and effective. If you have not broken the steps of your processes down into simple, bite sized steps that anyone can do, then you are suffering a loss from the complexity. Complexity sucks the profits out of a business. It burns energy without benefit to the business.

As a business owner, if you were to focus on only 2 things in your business, I would suggest it would be these 2 – Drama and Complexity. Get rid of both of them, and your business will begin to soar! Your customers will see the difference. People will talk about you in a positive way. And people will want to come to work for you.

Avoid the 2 big success killers – Drama and Complexity. If you need specific strategies, call me. I’ll share some of the best ways to turn your team into a high-performance team – like a Nascar Pit Crew!

Ride Hard,

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