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Hey, Rich Allen here. I’m coming to you this morning from the site of the New World Headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s right here behind me. They’ve been working on this piece of property for several months. It’s been very slow progress (at least, that’s what it looks like to those of us just passing by). But the reality is that they’ve been working really hard to build a solid foundation for the structure. They’ve been working the property meticulously to make sure that it’s prepared for the beautiful building and facility that they’re going to put on it.

And as I drove by this morning, I thought to myself, “It’s a great metaphor for what we’re trying to do in our business” and what I hope you’re trying to do in your business. No matter what you want to accomplish in your business, it’s important for you to lay down a solid foundation for your business. So, what is that? What is the foundation for your business?

Well, just like behind me, they’re having to put the structures in place, the structural steel for the buildings, you’ve got to make sure that you have the structural steel for your organization. That includes a very solid org structure so that everybody knows how exactly how the pieces fit together. It includes very detailed job descriptions so that everyone knows precisely what they’re supposed to do and how they relate their activities to others in the business and how they’re going to be held accountable for what they do relative to other people.

You see, those foundational pieces have to be put in place. If you’re in a partnership, part of the foundation you’ve got to lay is the solid foundational partnership agreements so that while things are going well in your business you decide the difficult choices that may need to be made someday when things aren’t going well. You see, all of this is about laying the foundation just like what the Cowboys are doing here.

Now, truth to be told, I’m not a big Cowboy fan. I’m from Cleveland, so I’m a Browns fan. I can’t get over it. If you want to click off the video for that, that’s okay. But I’ve got to tell you, I’m impressed by the work that they’re doing to lay down a solid foundation for the team in the future.

And that’s what you have got to be doing in your business. That’s what’s important for me to be doing in mine. Take this as a motivational moment for you to take a look at your organization. Are you laying down the foundation? Is your organization structure clear to everybody? Does everybody clearly understand how they fit? Do you have job responsibilities laid out in a way that everybody knows precisely what they’re to do? Do you have all your organizational documents buttoned up, your organization documents, your partnership agreements, those kinds of things?

If you don’t, now is the time to get them in place. Don’t wait because once you start putting the fancy stuff in the building, if the foundation isn’t solid, the building is not going to last long. Same is true for your business.

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