What are the indicators that you are “passionate” about your business? How would the casual observer know? If someone came into your office or into your store, could they tell right away that you were excited to be there, enjoying your day and glad to be working in this particular business?

Think about the last time you conducted business with someone. It may have been when you went to the grocery store or perhaps to pick up your dry cleaning. Maybe it was a visit to the dentist or shopping for school supplies for your child. What impression did the person at the counter, the business owner, or the receptionist leave with you? Could you tell they were excited to be serving you?

Many times we find ourself doing business with people who have a lousy attitude. They are in a grumpy mood – not inspired at all – just waiting for the day to end. In most cases we think of these folks as just the hired workers but all too often it is the business owner as well!


Can Your Customers Sense your Passion?

So why do we tolerate it? Why not take our business to someone who truly loves what they do – and shows it to their customers? Novel idea, but frankly, I think people should “vote” more often by taking their business elsewhere – and tell the business owner why on your way out!

Last week I was struck by one business owner who was the epitome of passion! He was “fired up” about his business and what he did everyday – and it showed. Here’s how we met.

I visited the local Chamber weekly networking meeting and bumped into a new face. I introduced myself and asked about his business. He shared, with excitement, that he was just opening a new business. In fact, the build out was not done yet, but he was anxious to tell people about his new venture – so he showed up at the chamber meeting.

Everyone in the room could tell by his “commercial” that he was not well rehearsed but had a genuine sincerity in his message – his enthusiasm, his excitement, his energy spoke to everyone in the room. I was impressed!

So, as I do from time to time, later that week I drove by his new building location just to check it out. When I arrived there was no sign, construction everywhere, walls half-built and a scaffold in the main room. I should have had a hard hat on!

But the parking lot was full of cars and people milling around talking and stretching! Curious, I found Larry, the owner, and asked what was going on. He shared that he was so excited to get started with his new business, that he had sent a message to those on his contact list to let them know that while they were still in the construction phase, he was going to get started and hold his CrossFit fitness workout sessions in the parking lot!

While most business owners would have been inspecting the construction and giving directions to the construction crew, Larry was focused on his new customers – chomping at the bit to get them started! Everyone was thrilled to walk right through the construction, grab a mat and some gear and head out to the parking lot. They could sense Larry’s passion and they wanted some of it!

I lef there thinking, what if every business owner were as excited with their business as Larry was with his? What kind of experience would their customers get if they were anxious to open the doors, glad to see them arrive, happy to work through the mess and confusion just to give their customer the best experience they could imagine?

Are you like Larry? Are you “on fire” about your business? Or are you tired, worn out, frustrated and exhausted? Perhaps it’s time for an injection of “Larry”! If you want to get a sense of his excitement, check him out at www.crossfitremedy.com

Or give me a call and I’ll help you get the spark back in your business. Either way, your customers will thank you for it!

Ride Hard,

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