This Doesn’t Need to Happen!

Definition: bottle neck – The neck and mouth of a bottle, or an area where things become congested, caught or blocked, or a situation that causes a delay.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for opportunities for improvement. I happen to be VERY GOOD at looking for, seeing and recognizing those opportunities for others around me.

But I’m not particularly good at looking for, seeing and recognizing those that require a mirror – those that relate to ME!

How do I know that? Because I recently had someone, actually several someone’s, show me in an up-close and personal way. I’ll admit, it wasn’t all that fun or exciting, but the simple exercise of getting direct and personal feedback was eye opening.

Here’s what happened…
I recently joined a mastermind group where I could share my ideas, thoughts and dreams with folks who were on a similar path to mine. We all are on a journey – a quest to become better and better at what we do.

Our first meeting was held in Phoenix in early January. A great way to start the new year – by surrounding myself with big thinkers – those who were willing and interested in growing their skills by engaging with others who would challenge, expand and uplift each other.

As we each shared our goals for the year and our vision of our future business, the questions started flying. They were deep, soul-searching questions. Some were hard to answer. Some were a bit embarrassing. Some were even downright hurtful. But through all the questions came the realization that I’ve got much further to go and much more potential ahead of me – except for one thing… I’m getting in the way!

Here’s a couple of examples of the feedback I got…


and here’s another one…


That’s right. I’m the BOTTLENECK!

Now before you chuckle and say “I tried to tell you so” let me share a few examples of how I am getting in my own way. And as you read these, I want you to ask yourself if any of these may pertain to you – OK? Deal?
Here’s what I learned about me:

  • I haven’t set Personal Goals in many areas of my life, and as a result, I’m a little “out of balance”.
  • I don’t Manage my Time well and as a result I achieve less than I would hope on a daily and weekly basis.
  • I tend to make the Big Decisions in my business and Don’t Delegateenough to others.
  • I often chase new ideas and shiny objects rather than Staying Focusedon what matters most.
  • I haven’t surrounded myself with a complete Team of Advisors who have my best interests in mind.
  • I’m Not Dreaming or Thinking Big enough to ignite my internal passion. (I’m playing “small ball”)

And here I thought I was being limited by other things – things that were external to me and to my business. Things that were outside of my control.
Sound familiar?
Somehow I think we’re swimming in the same ocean. We’re dealing with the same waves. We’re experiencing the same undertow. It’s virtually the same for ALL business owners.

So, perhaps it’s time for you to ask a few very important questions. Like, “What are the biggest issues holding your business back?” “What’s keeping you from really pounding on the pedals this year and significantly increasing your speed?”

Let me ask you specifically – Are your issues related to any of those I listed above? Go ahead, go back up and re-read them. Have you got each of these nailed down or is there room for you to get better on these as well?

If your answer is “Yep, I am struggling with these things too”, then you may find this helpful. Here are 3 specific things that I’m doing to expand the bottleneck in my business (i.e. Getting myself out of my own way):

  1. I’ve set a SPECIFIC GOAL in each of 6 areas of my life:  My Relationships, My Health/Fitness, My Continuing Education, My Financial Freedom, My Spiritual Walk and My Adventure/Leisure.
  2. I’ve taken the time to lay out my IDEAL ANNUAL CALENDAR and have identified the #1 thing that is getting in my way from making it a reality.
  3. I’ve drawn out my TEAM OF ADVISORS “star” and identified which advisor role I need to add to my “team” right away.

If 2015 is going to be a Stand Out year for both you and I, we need to wrestle these big issues to the ground. We’ve got to work on ourselves FIRST, before we try to fix everyone else.

I’m committed to changing some habits in these areas? How about you?

Leave me a comment below. Tell me which of these you need help with the most and what habit you’re going to start in order to get there. If you think you’ve solved it for yourself, then please share with the other readers. If you need help getting started, just leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to help get you headed in the right direction. Let’s do this TOGETHER. I’ll support you if you’ll support me. The more I know others are watching, the more committed I will be to making the change.

Here’s to a CRAZY GOOD 2015 to the both of us! success

Ride Hard!

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