When have you ever heard that you could WIN by being LAST? It’s not logical. It doesn’t make sense when you first think about it.
And that’s exactly why it made such an impression on me when I first heard it.

I had the opportunity to host my Elite Mastermind Groups at the Frisco RoughRiders stadium this past week. We met all day in one of their well-appointed meeting spaces then took a break late afternoon before returning to watch some good, old-fashioned baseball in one of their luxury suites. Needless to say, it was a great experience for everyone who attended.

AnBeing-LASTd as part of the experience, we had the opportunity not only to tour the stadium and see the many new improvements the RoughRiders have made this year, but also to spend time with Scott Sonju, the President and Co-Owner of the RoughRiders.

For those who know Scott, you know that he’s a very sharp guy with a great sense of what it takes to run a baseball operation. He has transformed RoughRiders baseball into one of the premiere minor league clubs in the country. He sets high standards and works very hard to maintain the intense Customer Service focus that has become the hallmark of the RoughRiders. Don’t believe me? Just go to a game and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

Among the lessons and business philosophy that Scott shared with our mastermind groups was a concept that was simple yet powerful – the perfect combination for an idea worth stealing!

This is where Winning by being LAST comes in.

It’s part of what Scott calls “The RoughRider Way” – a set of customer-focused principles that guide the actions of everyone on his team. It’s all about applying the idea of L.A.S.T.

L.A.S.T. is a simple, 4-step process the RoughRiders use to handle EVERY customer issue. It’s a Non-Negotiable for Scott’s team – you follow the principle of L.A.S.T. without exception.

So just what is L.A.S.T.?

L stands for LISTEN – Take time and stop whatever you’re doing to truly LISTEN to the customer’s issue or concern.
A stands for APOLOGIZE – No matter what, say “I’m Sorry” that whatever happened did happen. Being genuine in the apology.
S stands for SOLVE – Do whatever it takes to SOLVE the problem. Scott gives his team members the authority to make whatever decision it takes to resolve the issue.
T stands for THANK – Thank the customer for the opportunity to solve the issue and for their loyalty to the RoughRiders.
That’s it! Simple, yet powerful!

Listen, Apologize, Solve, Thank. A 4-step process that will make you a Winner at Customer Satisfaction every time.
So, let me ask you, is that how your team handles customer issues? Do they truly stop and listen? Do they sincerely apologize? Do they do whatever it takes to solve the problem? Do they say thank you in a genuine manner – even when they may not feel like it? If so, count yourself among the winners.

If not, take this opportunity to “Steal” from one of the country’s best minor league ball clubs. Just like a base runner stealing a base, you won’t go to jail, your fans will cheer for you, and you’ll likely go on to win the game!

Try being L.A.S.T. It could be just what you need to WIN!

Ride Hard,

Ride Hard,

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