Most of us hate to admit it, but in order for anyone to be successful in virtually any aspect of life, business or otherwise, they must be disciplined. Think about the guy or gal who you see at the gym who is sporting a six-pack. How did they get that way? By being disciplined. How about the country western singer who just released a best-selling hit? They were disciplined. How about the sales person who leads the team month after month? Yep, it’s discipline.

Everything starts with discipline. But here’s the great part – you don’t have to disciplined in EVERYTHING you do, just in those things you want to be GREAT at!

Slam Dunk Tip

Pick 1 area that you want to improve right away. Be specific.
For the next 30 days, block 1 hour per day on your calendar to focus or work on this specific area each day.
Work HARD on this area for only 1 hour each day. No exceptions!
Keep a daily journal of what you accomplish and how you feel at the end of each hour segment.
My Challenge to You

Do this for the next 30 days (without exception) and share your results, and I’ll publish an article about you, your business and your focused discipline to help you get more exposure and gain more clients.

To Your Business Success,

Rich Allen

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