Imagine you are head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. Your team is playing an important game with your most hated rival. Your players are competing hard, making great plays but the scoreboard is turned off – it’s black! No one knows the score, how much time remains, how many fouls have been made or timeouts left. How would you know what moves to make? Whether to be aggressive or play strong defense? How would you guide your team to victory?

It would be impossible. You’d have to do it all by guessing – you’d no doubt make some really bad decisions. My guess is you would stop the game until it was fixed! Why then are we willing to play the game of business without a scoreboard?

Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day

  • Take time to think about, identify and start tracking the metrics that will drive your success in the four fundamental areas of your business:
  • Attracting Prospects, Converting Prospects into Customers, Delivering your Product or Service, and Collecting Your Revenues
  • Build a “dashboard” where each metric is being displayed as a graph.
  • Find a way to capture, track and update your dashboard weekly.
  • Share the dashboard with your team and use it to drive improvement.

This is the single-most overlooked activity in most businesses. Yet if you want to go “fast” in your business, you must have a very complete dashboard! Otherwise, Speed Kills! Take time this week and just START by building a SIMPLE dashboard.

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