It is either A-I-D-A or I-E-E-O

Just imagine your advertising message being read by your target audience, and having them so interested that they respond without delay. Your phone would ring off the hook for days following your ad placement.  Your doors swinging open with new customers visiting to take you up on your offer.  Your website visits growing to massive levels as word spreads quickly about your unique position in the marketplace.

That’s precisely what I want to share with you today.

When crafting your advertisement or marketing message, whether it is in a flyer, in a poster, on a website or in a letter, you need to keep AIDA in mind:

A – Grab their Attention with a compelling Headline.  Something that will make them stop and take notice.
I – Get their Interest with a sub-heading or introductory paragraph that compels them to read further.
D – Create Desire for your product or service by clearly sharing your unique value proposition.
A – Give your reader a clear and easy way to take Action.

If AIDA doesn’t “light you up”, then use IEEO instead:

I – Interrupt your reader’s normal activity with a jolting headline – be bold here.
E – Engage your reader with words that let them see themselves in your message.
E – Educate your prospective customer with genuine value-added information they can use right away.
O – Make an Offer that is too good to pass up.  Make it clear and easy – nothing complicated or intrusive.

There you have it.  Two proven formulas for success – AIDA or IEEO – you choose which is right for you.

Now, to help you become a master at writing brilliant copy that works, I’ll make you this offer:  Use AIDA or IEEO to put together your next advertisement or marketing piece for your business, send your draft copy to me and I’ll give you a free review, critique and edit. No strings attached.  Just to show you how powerful this approach can be.

I assure you that if you practice using this simple formula, your return on investment for your marketing efforts will increase significantly!

Good Luck and have fun with this!

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