Everything in our lives today comes with a built in reminder. From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we live by reminders.

Think about it. Your alarm clock goes off to wake you up each morning. You hit the snooze button and are rewarded with an extra 10 minutes in the horizontal position. Then you get into your daily routine – workout, breakfast, shower, dressed and out the door to another day in the business. All the time watching the clock to make sure you’re “on schedule”.2013-Clock-300x240

On your drive to work, the radio gives you the traffic report, the weather and the time – just to help raise your blood pressure and get you thinking about your first meeting of the day.

When you get to your desk, your calendar dings and pops up with reminders of your daily meetings. As e-mails arrive, you are greeted with a different sound prompting you to stop what you’re doing and see who just sent you a message. The phone rings telling you to pick up the receiver and answer the call.

We have been programmed over the years to respond to the many dings, beeps and pop ups that control our every action and decision.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve perfected the art of getting things done just before they are due. We pride ourselves on our “Just In Time” approach – and we run our operations by JIT principles!

So when do you allow yourself the time to PLAN for the future? How do you carve time out of your busy schedule to think, to explore, to imagine, to dream and to plan?

The reality is most of you don’t! You focus on the here and now. You worry most about today, this week and the next customer engagement. Once you get done with that, you’re too tired to think about next week, next month or next year!

But NOW is the time to take a TIME OUT!

We’re coming up on the end of October. Only 2 months left in 2012. Most of the year is in the rear view mirror and while there are still opportunities to impact this year’s results, most of your results for 2012 are already “baked in”.

But what about 2013?

I ‘ve talked with many business owners who have said “I’m waiting for the election to see what happens in 2013”. So their wait is less than 2 weeks away. But I wonder how many who are in that camp have blocked time in their schedule to do the serious planning necessary to take advantage of 2013 – no matter which way the election goes? How about you?

Have you set aside the time – at least 1 day of your week – to plan your next year for your business? Be honest. If I were to look at your calendar right now would I find at least 1 day set aside to do the work necessary to build a plan to win in 2013? For most, the answer is…not really!

That is exactly why I help business owners like yourself have the discipline to do the necessary business planning. Not that you don’t want to, but your life is structured around today’s issues. So you need something to REMIND you to set the time aside, make the commitment and focus on the future.

Otherwise, you’ll go into 2013 just as if it’s another week – no different than last week – just slogging away, dealing with the same old, tired issues. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

The good news is THIS WEDNESDAY, over 25 local business owners are going to spend 1 day focused on building a plan to grow their business in 2013! They simply had to block the time on their schedule and I am doing all the preparation for them. I am taking them through a series of structured activities that will help them spend time thinking about the critical functions of their business and identify their top priorities for 2013. They will go home Wednesday evening with a comprehensive, action-oriented plan for 2013 that will reduce their stress, improve their team and make them more money!

If you’re among the lucky ones planning to be at this year’s planning workshop, get excited! We’ve got a GREAT DAY planned for you.

If you’re thinking “Rats! I should be there!” send me a quick reply and I’ll see if I can fit you in.

If you’re thinking “Who needs it. I’m good with things as they are now” then just hope that those who are going to attend are not your competition – because they’ll be coming for your customers!

No matter what, NOW is the time to get your plan in place for 2013! Don’t wait for next year to get here. By then it’s too late!

If I can help, just let me know!

Ride Hard!

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