Bloomberg, Thumbtack survey shows Houston small-business owners feel

Many would suggest that you must win first in your own mind.  That’s why it’s important for a business owner to see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty!

As the business owner, your attitude sets the tone for the entire organization.  You must look for ways to celebrate the small wins rather than focus your efforts on finding fault or speaking gloom and doom.

Thank God we live in Texas!

Rich Allen’s comments on the below article titled, ” Bloomberg, Thumbtack survey shows Houston small-business owners feel ”

Cara Smith for writes:  A new survey measuring economic sentiment shows that Houston small-business owners are feeling pretty optimistic in spite of a slow Texas economy.

Thumbtack, an online consumer service, surveyed around 2,500 total respondents and 346 respondents in Houston and asked them to rank their economic sentiment, or how optimistic they were feeling about the city’s economy. Thumbtack partnered with Bloomberg on the study.

Houston small-business owners are optimistic, as they ranked their economic expectations 20 to 25 points higher than how they perceive their current financial situation, according to the survey. But Houstonians responded more optimistically in April than they did in May. Overall, Houston ranked No. 27 in economic optimism in metros throughout the nation.  SNIP, the article continues @, click here to continue reading….