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Business owners today are faced with a very difficult challenge. Eight of ten new businesses will not survive the first five years. Competition is difficult and building a sustainable, profitable business is arguably the most challenging sport in all of business today. Business expert Rich Allen combines the experiences of his father’s own small business, his personal experiences running and growing a business, and his learning from advising hundreds of small business owners into a powerful, step-by-step guide for small business owners everywhere. Rich introduces a “model” that is both easy to understand and powerful when used to make strategic business decisions.

Why it works:

  • Addresses the #1 challenge facing every small business owner in America today.
  • Introduces a simple, yet powerful business model that every small business owner and their team will understand.
  • Provides a step-by-step guide to improving every critical function necessary for business success.
  • Shares tested and proven strategies, techniques and templates that business owners can use right away.
  • Converts the mystery of business strategy into practical, actionable tactics and techniques.


“Rich Allen’s The Ultimate Business Tune-Up is an honest, in-depth look at being real with yourself and those around you. The process has taken me personally and my business on a ride to success and a better future. Thank you to both Rich Allen and your bike.”
Jeremy Michels, CEO, Platform Manufacturing Group

“Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in wanting to do it OUR way and spend a lot of time re-inventing the wheel. The principles outlined in this book are the fundamentals you can’t ignore. Rich has boiled down these concepts into digestible and easily actionable steps that allow any level of business owner to execute and create a business that works PROFITABLY!”
Russel Dubree, Founding Partner, Lifeblue

“The Ultimate Business Tune Up is Rich leveling with you, the reader, about
what it’s really going to take to succeed in business. It is also Rich showing you
a path to get there with step by step, actionable advice. This book is full of the
candor and perspective which makes Rich a huge value-add to any business.”

Colin Sanburg, President and CEO, Unified Supply


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Rich Allen is on a mission. His primary mission and purpose are focused on one single objective – to put an end to small business failure! Rich is available for speaking engagements to jump start your team.

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