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If you’re facing a challenge in your business, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Profit Tips are organized by business function so you can easily find help for the issue you are trying to solve.
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How to Lift Your Team’s Spirits
Any entrepreneur would tell you that from time to time, it feels as if the foundation of your new business is crumbling. It may happen soon after you launch, but often it happens even after a good start. It’s not a matter of whether it will happen; it’s a question of when it will happen. […]
Giving Back from our Good Fortunes
This week is all about spending time with my family and giving back to others.  We’ve been so blessed and live such a privileged life, that from time to time, it is only right to focus on the needs of those less fortunate. My family and I are in Haiti this week working with a […]
Does Your Business Sponsor a Charity?
Business Supporting Charities Business Supporting Charities I have an opportunity to highlight and promote your business.  There’s only one requirement – that your business be actively involved in supporting one of the many charities or non-profit organizations who rely on volunteers and donors to do their good works. Business success can be defined by the […]
What is Your Passion? Are You Making a Difference in Your Community?
RIGHT NOW is a great time to make a commitment to get more involved and give back to your community! No matter where you are with your business or what time of year it is, NOW is the time to step up your game and make a bigger impact. I was in that “Passion Place” […]
When was the last time you put some serious thought into what you would do after you sold or transferred your business to someone else? Seriously? I know that we all have those moments when we are so frustrated that all we want to do is get past what we are doing today. I know […]
The Power of Teamwork
I had the opportunity recently to attend the state track championships for my son and daughter’s high school. My daughter was running the anchor leg for the girls 4 x 100 meter relay team. As you might imagine, I was there as a very proud dad! But what I witnessed during the track meet had a […]
Remembering Special Days
As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, I am reminded of the many service men and women who answered the call to serve our country. I am sure that each of you know several who have served and perhaps even died so that we might enjoy this country we call home. I sincerely hope you […]
Does the Seat Fit the Person?
I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day weekend with your family. I wish my Dad could have been with us for this special day, but we had to celebrate long-distance. But, I sure got treated well! My family got me a new bike! Yes, at 57 years old I still get excited to get […]
Is It Time to Celebrate?
I hope your summer has been filled with fun, laughter and excitement. As our kids return to classes and our business schedules return to normal, hopefully your scrapbook is filled with great memories of this year’s summer vacation. Mine ended with a bang. I had the opportunity to take my 17 year old son on […]
Building Your Race Team
What are your thoughts when you see a car broke down on the side of a road? If you’re like most people you first feel sorry for the people in the car. Then you may also think about whether you could help. You may wonder if you should call 911 to get them some professional […]
Easy In, Easy out – The Wrong Recipe for Building a Great Team
Hiring the very best talent can be a difficult and sometime frustrating task. Here’s a rock-solid way to start building a great team. If you’re like most business owners I’ve met, two of the most difficult and frustrating things that you’ve got to do is hire and fire. Most don’t like to do either. Most […]
Build Your Team with the BEST Talent
Build Your Team with the BEST Talent from Rich Allen on Vimeo. Hey, Rich Allen here, coming to you from the campus of High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. I have told you a lot about this campus. Well, I hate to brag, but I’ve got to tell you, they’ve got their stuff […]
Providing a “Legendary” Customer Experience
Many business owners think that their prospects and customers do business with them because of their product or service. But what REALLY keeps customers coming back time and time again is giving them a unique and engaging “Customer Experience” when they do business with you. Here’s a quick peek into one business that has it […]
Knowing the Lifetime Value of Your Customers
It is critical for all business owners to know and understand the Lifetime Value of their customers. Do you know what that is for your business? Are you treating your customers as if they are that valuable to you and your business? I hope so! Ride Hard,
How to WIN by Being LAST!
When have you ever heard that you could WIN by being LAST? It’s not logical. It doesn’t make sense when you first think about it. And that’s exactly why it made such an impression on me when I first heard it. I had the opportunity to host my Elite Mastermind Groups at the Frisco RoughRiders […]
It Is Important to Sweat the Small Things!
Sometimes the small things are what really cause problems in your business. Here’s a great example of what I mean. Did you happen to watch the first stage of this year’s Tour de France over the weekend? This year they started the tour on the island of Corsica – a beautiful island off the southern […]
Left Behind or Poke-Yoke?
Chances are this may be the last blog post article you receive from me. Not because I want to stop writing or have lost interest. But because when my wife reads this blog, she may just kill me! But just in case she does take me out, I want you to know that I wrote […]
Can Your Customers Sense Your Passion?
What are the indicators that you are “passionate” about your business? How would the casual observer know? If someone came into your office or into your store, could they tell right away that you were excited to be there, enjoying your day and glad to be working in this particular business? Think about the last […]
How to Avoid the 2 Big Success Killers
Does your team function like a Nascar Pit Crew? Where everyone knows precisely what their assignment is. They work quickly and efficiently. They are totally in sync with one another. There is no wasted energy. No slacking off. No hesitation on what is expected. They have demonstrated their competency through repeated practice, timing and qualification. […]
New Meaning for a “Full Nelson”
Let me ask you, when you drive up to a restaurant and the parking lot is full and there is a line outside the door, what is your first thought? How about when you drive up to a restaurant and can see inside but it is nearly empty? What is your immediate impression? If you’re […]
Lessons from the Ann Bean Mansion
I am spending a wonderful week with my bride working, relaxing, playing and visiting old friends in Minnesota. After dropping our kids off at a wonderful Christian camp in far-north Minnesota, we are in Stillwater – one of the oldest river towns in the state. So what? Why should you care about where we are […]
Who’s Customer is it Really?
Why do the best customer service lessons on what NOT to do come from the airline industry? No one is surprised when they hear negative stories of travel experiences that involve flying. But is the reputation deserved or are we just picking on the airline industry? I’m not sure, but let me share a powerful […]
Getting Work Done
When your driving and you enter a “Work Zone” the message is to “Slow Down”. You are to use caution, go slowly, be careful and certainly don’t speed. In fact, you’ll get a ticket with a huge fine if you’re caught speeding in a work zone. But that’s just the opposite of what we want […]
The Masters – What Does it Have to do with Your Business?
I had a very interesting conversation with a client last week. He had just returned from a trip to the Augusta National Golf Club where he had the opportunity to be at the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament. Now, if you are a golfer, you know that for many this is a once-in-a-lifetime dream – to […]
Do What You Say You Will Do
I’ve got a tip for you that is both simple yet powerful. While simple, it is arguably the most frequently overlooked concept in business today. In fact, when you hear it, your natural reaction will be to discard it as being so obvious that it will have no impact on your business. Care to take […]
The Price of Indifference
Did you know that the #1 reason that your customers leave you and take their business to your competition is because of “Perceived Indifference”? It’s true!  Most customers make a decision to “switch” from one provider or one supplier to another because they don’t think it matters to the business or individual they are working […]
It’s Not A-E-I-O-U
It is either A-I-D-A or I-E-E-O Just imagine your advertising message being read by your target audience, and having them so interested that they respond without delay. Your phone would ring off the hook for days following your ad placement.  Your doors swinging open with new customers visiting to take you up on your offer.  Your […]
12 X 12 X 12
A Winning Formula for Success in Networking Sometimes we need something bigger than a 2 x 4 to hit us upside our head to get our attention!  So today, I am going to hit you with a 12 x 12 x 12 – now that’s BIG! I’m writing this from Miami, Florida where I am at […]
80/20 = EASY SALE
This weekend we were driving through a local neighborhood to drop our daughter off at a friend’s house.  As we came to an intersection with a stop sign, we came upon a cute little boy about 6 or 7 who had erected a makeshift lemonade stand.  He was waving his arms enthusiastically and as we […]
Sometimes learning comes in ways that you least expect it.  When my family gave me a special birthday present some time ago, I did not expect it to come with a BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious! Here’s the story:  Back in January, my family gifted me The NASCAR EXPERIENCE.  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive […]
Why should I give you my hard-earned money? Why should I give you my hard-earned money?  That is the question that every customer is asking every store owner, restaurant owner, dry cleaner, auto mechanic, florist, consultant, fitness trainer – the list goes on and on. Each time a potential customer comes in your door or […]
Sometimes the best ideas are found right under your nose.  Other times you have to look far and wide to find the best ideas.  Today I wanted to share a great concept that comes to you from half-way around the world – in Australia!You see, one of my mentors is Taki Moore who lives in […]
The Elevator Pitch is dead! Not so very long ago, one of the most important activities for any business owner was to have their “elevator pitch” memorized and well-practiced.  Armed with your well-rehearsed 30 second or 60 second sales pitch, you could engage anyone at a networking group, walking down the hall  or yes, even […]
Now here’s some fun, creative marketing for you! We’re in the long, hot days of summer.  Sure school is about to begin for our kids and soon we’ll be beyond the summer vacations, dreams of spending more time on the beach or in the mountains somewhere.  But for many of us, business doesn’t slow down […]
Imagine you went for a bike ride and noticed that the front wheel of your bike only had 2 or 3 spokes supporting the tire. What is likely to happen when you hit your first bump in the road? Your front tire is going to fail! The very same thing happens in business when you […]
When was the last time you met someone, shared what you do and they immediately pulled out their credit card and asked if they could buy what you were offering? Never? Really? It’s true, it rarely happens – if ever! Before someone buys your product or service, they have to get to know you, be […]
Here’s an example of a GREAT opportunity for small business owners to get in front of decision makers who may be interested in doing business with you.  You may have something similar on the calendar in your area.  If so, you need to be sure you’re ready to go when these opportunities arise. So just […]
KFC’s New Secret Recipe
The Colonel may have just done it again! He may have developed a new “Secret Recipe” – this time one that you can steal and use for yourself. Sometimes you’ve got to look in unusual places to find golden nuggets of wisdom and insight. Frankly, I never would have guessed that I would find one […]
The Colonel may have just done it again! He may have developed a new “Secret Recipe” – this time one that you can steal and use for yourself. Sometimes you’ve got to look in unusual places to find golden nuggets of wisdom and insight. Frankly, I never would have guessed that I would find one […]
Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators
Knowing your Key Performance Indicators is CRITICAL for any small business owner. The question is – are you “keeping score” as well as your favorite college football team is? Here’s what I mean… Ride Hard,
Keeping Score in Business
Imagine you are head coach of the Texas Legends. Your team is playing an important game with your most hated rival. Your players are competing hard, making great plays but the scoreboard is turned off – it’s black! No one knows the score, how much time remains, how many fouls have been made or timeouts […]
Driving Only Using Your Rear View Mirror
Are You Driving your Business Using Only Rear View Mirrors? You Become What You Think About Driving is a must in Texas. It’s not like New York City where you can live, work and play without even owning a car. Here a vehicle is a must-have if you’re going to get around. But what if […]
Do you use Contract Labor in your business?
Do you use Contract Labor in your business? If so, this is a MUST READ article for you! Many business owners use contract labor to supplement their regular workforce. In some cases, particularly where the team is not co-located, a majority of the team many be contractors – paid via 1099 rather than through the […]
How can you protect your business and your team from negative outside factors?
How can you protect your business and your team from negative outside factors? This is a question that lives in the head of most every business owner, nearly every day. It’s a real dilemma – to take advantage of special programs to grow your business, or build your business only on a solid footing that […]
Have you Built a Solid Foundation?
Hey, Rich Allen here. I’m coming to you this morning from the site of the New World Headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s right here behind me. They’ve been working on this piece of property for several months. It’s been very slow progress (at least, that’s what it looks like to those of us just […]
The Power and Impact of Your Organization Structure
The Power and Impact of Your Organization Structure from Rich Allen on Vimeo. It’s been a very cold week in the Dallas area, so I’ve been dug in working on some videos. I decided this week to post a short video for my Profit Tip this week. Hope you find this both helpful and inspiring. […]
Job Descriptions are Worthless – there is a Better Way!
So you’ve hired a rock-star – Congratulations! Now, how do you make sure they live up to your expectations? In my last blog post I shared with you a unique and powerful way to make sure you only hire the very best people onto your team. If you missed that one, make sure and go […]
Partnerships are Hard
Funny how sometimes when you think you are seeing one thing, your mind carries you off into something very different. Is it just me, or does that happen to you also? Just curious. Because it seems to happen to me all the time. The good old days – when partnerships were easy! Here’s a recent […]
Making Choices & Planning for Success
We all have CHOICES, but the critical issue for you as a business owner is to NARROW your choices and FOCUS your team on the 1 or 2 priorities that will have the greatest impact on your ideal customer. It’s the time of year for ALL business owners to make time to Plan for Success. […]
Lessons from Dunkin’ Donuts
Every small business owner should learn from the recent issues plaguing Dunkin’ Donuts. Your brand image matters and here are a few thoughts on how you can better protect it.
Texas Crowdfunding: Looking for Big Wins $5,000 at a Time
There’s a very scary fact buried in this article about Crowdfunding. Most won’t even notice it, but if you’re a business owner, it’s probably more important to you than the main message in the article. Sure, it is nice to know that there’s a new way for business startups or business owners who have a […]
Different Approaches To Running Small Family Business
Did you start your business with your end-game in mind? It is hard to predict the future, but time and time again, I am reminded that it is CRITICAL for a business owner to take time to think about their FUTURE even though they are facing the day-to-day realities of business issues. This article is […]
Set your Standards HIGH
Hey, Rich Allen here, coming to you from the campus of High Point University. Now, I know many of you may not know much about High Point, but if you’ve been following some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that I use High Point as kind of an example of a school that had set […]
The Math Equation that will CHANGE your world!
“Why is it SO HARD to get my folks to do things the way I want and need them to do it?” It’s a common question asked by many a business owner. In fact, just this past week, a client of mine asked this very question of me. And once we got into the details […]
Set Your Standards High
“Never apolotize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.” It seems that everywhere you look, organizations and individuals are lowering their standards just to get a deal done. It happens in the government, in our personal relationships and yes, even in today’s businesses. […]
The Power of Sharing Your Story
As a business owner, you have a uniquely personal story of WHY and HOW you started in the business that you are in. Most of you also downplay your business into very basic product or service activities. You tell others that you own a restaurant or have a financial services business, or build widgets. The […]
I want to introduce you to a nine-category model that will cover the critical areas of your business that you must include as part of your game plan for next year. These nine categories will help you structure your business plan and focus your strategic actions on the areas that matter most. Here is a […]
Planning Your Summer Vacation or Planning for Business Success?
As summer approaches, it reminds me of the time and effort we put into planning for our summer vacation.  It seems to always be a challenging discussion – how are we going to fit in all of the kids camps, lessons, friends, and events while still leaving time for some quality family time.  Not to […]
“Explosive Growth” Business Coaching Session
I’ve got an exciting offer for you! On Wednesday, we held our Quarterly Planning Session with our current 1-2-1 coaching clients.  We spent 3 intense hours focused on what each business owner needs to do over the next 13 weeks to continue to grow their business and out-perform their competition.  The results were POWERFUL! And, […]
Are You a CEO? Why Not?
You’ve heard the expression “when the student is ready, the teacher will show up”.  I had that very experience over this weekend.  I wasn’t necessarily looking to be the student, but unexpectedly, the teacher showed up. I thought I was just going out for a nice, relaxing dinner with my wife.  But when we arrived […]
So How Good Are You Really?
Let me ask you, when you started your business, did you intend to be an “average” company or did you think you could outperform anyone in your industry? If you aren’t the business owner, when you took the position you have today, did you think you were going to work for just another so-so organization […]
A Contrast in Leadership – from the Presidential Debate
I’m not sure about you, but for me this presidential election cycle has been far too long and drawn out. It seems that for over a year we have been surrounded by sound bites of gaffs, gotchas, pokes and promises. After a while you simply tune it out. But last night I decided to tune […]
NOW is the Time…
Everything in our lives today comes with a built in reminder. From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we live by reminders. Think about it. Your alarm clock goes off to wake you up each morning. You hit the snooze button and are rewarded with an […]
Getting Off to a Fast Start!
I’ve done a bit of racing in my time – both cycling and running. And I’ve found one thing to be universally true. If you want to finish at the front, among the winners, it is critically important to get off to a fast start! While it has happened that someone has come from the […]
The Power of Purpose
Many of you may know that over spring break my family and I went on a mission trip to Haiti. It was a specific request from my 17 year old son who is a high school senior. He had been wanting the family to go on a mission trip together, but there never seemed to […]
Welcome to 2014!
Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed celebrating the end of 2013 and the coming of 2014. Now it’s time to dig in and make 2014 your best year ever! I’ll get right to the point. If you want to make 2014 your best year ever, you’ve got to have a PLAN. You’ve got to […]
Be Intentional – a Spring Break Lesson for ALL Business Owners
We just returned from a whirl-wind Spring Break week where we were taking our daughter on several college campus visits. After flying to Atlanta, GA we covered 1700 miles by car spending time on 7 college campuses. It was exciting, inspirational and filled with lessons that can be applied directly to your business. Our daughter […]
One Simple Question
I was meeting with a business owner recently who was wrestling with a challenging issue in his business. After a long discussion, I asked him one simple question – and it immediately gave him clarity. I hope this gives you clarity as well! Keep this question handy – someday you’ll need it!
7 Critical Roles of a Business Owner
I was recently in Atlanta Georgia with a client who was holding their Annual Owner’s Meeting where they brought 80+ of their business owners in to work “ON” their business for 2 days. As part of their 2 day conference, I presented a workshop on the 7 Critical Roles of a Business Owner. I thought […]
Plan for Success in 2017
Each fall I set aside 1 full day for local business owners to participate in a Business Planning Workshop.  This annual workshop is designed to help you prepare your business for Success in the following year.  Seating is limited, so you must register to attend. This is your chance to join other highly-motivated business owners […]
If You’re A Business Owner, You Have to Read This!
I received this letter from a friend this week and was compelled to include it in this week’s newsletter. You may not agree with the content of the letter, but there is a lesson here. As a business owner, it is important that your team members know where you stand and what you are thinking […]
Applying the 10,000 Hour Rule
10,000 Hours of Practice are Required for Mastery Sometimes our learnings come when we least expect it. I am sure you’ve had similar experiences – where one minute you are minding your own business, enjoying whatever you are doing, and the next minute you are captured in a significant learning moment. That happened to me […]
This Doesn’t Have to Happen!
This Doesn’t Need to Happen! Not a week goes by without hearing about a business in our area going out of business. In most cases, it was not the way the business owner had planned it, but they finally had to make the tough decision to shut their business down. Meanwhile, not a week goes […]
6 Principles for Your Journey
Some Great Business Lessons Come From Unexpected Places I consider myself to be very blessed man. I have a wonderful, loving wife. Kids who are fun to be around, intelligent and talented. Good health. Great friends. And I get to work with some of the best business owners in the area. Who could ask for […]
A Lesson from My Hero
JIm Ryan taught us a great lesson – were you paying attention? Before I begin, I need to first apologize to my high school librarian – just in case she is following my blog posts these days! You see, back when I was in high school, in the early ’70’s, my hero and inspiration was […]
Big Bird – Your Worst Enemy!
Big Bird – Your Worst Enemy! This presidential election season continues to provide some of the most powerful lessons in how to run a successful business. No, really! I’m not kidding. I didn’t say that the lessons were of what you SHOULD do. But sometimes the lessons are more obvious when they reflect things you […]
Confusion, Frustration…Now What?
The results are in…Now What? As I begin to write this blog post, I realize I may cross the line and offend some of my followers and readers. But my discussions today with many business owners compels me to write this – no matter what response I get. Today has been a particularly difficult day […]
What do YOU Want for YOU
What are YOU giving YOU this Christmas? Tis the season… When business owners find themselves under more stress than any other time of the year. While it is the Christmas Holiday season, it is also the season for taking year end inventory, handling last minute retail sales rush, employee performance reviews, year end bonus decisions […]
Time for Change
Stage 1 – It is Time for Change Welcome to 2013! I sincerely hope you had a memorable and successful 2012. Some of you are celebrating your best year ever in 2012 while others are glad to see 2012 in the rear view mirror. Whichever camp you’re in, it is now Time for Change! This […]
The Power of Momentum
Momentum is a Powerful Force in Your Business. No matter who you were rooting for in this year’s Super Bowl, you’ve got to admit the game turned out to be a great one. It was clearly a bi-polar game. The first part (before the blackout) was all Baltimore. The second part (after the blackout) was […]
Getting Back on Track
Sometimes life throws us curve balls. And sometimes those curve balls totally throw us off our game. They take our focus off our business and bring us down – sometimes even to the edge of depression. These curve balls are not always negative events. They may be something very good, even great, but they are […]
Silver Linings – Make the Best of Your Situation
I’m on vacation in Stillwater Minnesota this week, but have learned a great lesson that you probably need to re-learn as well. Since I didn’t have my computer, I used my cell phone to make a short video to explain. Check it out and hope the message has meaning to you. Silver Linings – Make […]
Most of us hate to admit it, but in order for anyone to be successful in virtually any aspect of life, business or otherwise, they must be disciplined. Think about the guy or gal who you see at the gym who is sporting a six-pack. How did they get that way? By being disciplined. How […]
I Found the Bottleneck in My Business!
This Doesn’t Need to Happen! Definition: bottle neck – The neck and mouth of a bottle, or an area where things become congested, caught or blocked, or a situation that causes a delay. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for opportunities for improvement. I happen to be VERY GOOD at looking for, seeing […]
No Brown Days – a Perfect Way to Schedule your Life!
If you’re like many others with school-aged kids, you’re just coming off your Spring Break. So, how did you do? I’m just like most every other business owner who has kids who are still in school. When March comes around, I forget my work schedule and pack up the car for a week-long adventure called […]
7 Characteristics of a Trail Blazer
Inspiration is a funny thing.  It is one of those things that hits you when you’re least expecting it.  We’ve all heard the stories of people being inspired while taking a shower.  Others have their inspirational moments while working out, or being out in nature, or while experiencing a life-changing event. I want to share […]
How Powerful is Your Calendar?
When you look at your calendar, what is the first emotion that surges through your body? Go ahead, take a minute and open your calendar. As you look at it what are you thinking? What are you feeling? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you thinking “how in the world am I going to […]
Think Time!
I had a chance to “get away” and seriously work on my business.  Thought I would share this with you in hopes that it might inspire you to do the same. Think Time in Durango CO Click the link above and check out my short message to you! Ride Hard,
Making Valentines Day a Habit
Valentines Day brings out the best in most of us. We step up and do some of the things that we SHOULD be doing on a regular basis – like saying “I Love You”, buying flowers, writing special messages and calling someone near to our heart. So how can we make these and other important […]
You Become What You Think About
I was INSPIRED recently as I visited the campus of High Point University in High Point North Carolina. Listening to a talk by the President, Dr. Nido Qubein, it became clear to me that how we THINK and what we think about has a huge impact on our success (or lack of it) and who […]
Embracing New Perspectives
Every business owner needs time away from the day-to-day activities of their business to expand their thinking, embrace new perspectives and take the time to THINK DEEPLY about the future of their business. I hope this short video inspires you! Ride Hard,
7 Critical Roles of a Business Owner
I was recently in Atlanta Georgia with a client who was holding their Annual Owner’s Meeting where they brought 80+ of their business owners in to work “ON” their business for 2 days. As part of their 2 day conference, I presented a workshop on the 7 Critical Roles of a Business Owner. I thought […]



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