As a business owner, you have a uniquely personal story of WHY and HOW you started in the business that you are in. Most of you also downplay your business into a very basic product or service activities. You tell others that you own a restaurant or have a financial services business, or build widgets. The reality is that Your Story is much more interesting, emotional and inspirational than that!

Buying decisions are made largely by Emotion, not Logic. In fact, 80% of the buying decision is based on Emotion. There is no emotion in the FACTS related to your business – your price, features or quality. These play to only 20% of the buying decision. So how do you tap into the 80% of the buying decision – the Emotion? By Sharing Your Story!

Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day

  • Get a camera or use your cell phone
  • Make a 5-minute video of you telling the story of WHY you’re in this business. (Don’t be afraid to open up and express your emotion)      Upload your video to your YouTube channel
  • Share your video with a few close friends and ask for their candid feedback.
  •  Repeat this process 3 or 4 times until you have a nice, clear, real story to post on your website and share with your social media friends.

Be willing to be a bit vulnerable on this one – but it will be worth it. Your story matters and others want to know about it.

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