Let me ask you, when you started your business, did you intend to be an “average” company or did you think you could outperform anyone in your industry? If you aren’t the business owner, when you took the position you have today, did you think you were going to work for just another so-so organization or did you sign on with a “best in class” company?BOB-2012-Logo-300x250

If you’re like most people I know, you want to be associated with the best of the best. If you own your business, you want it to be known as the best, the most successful, the top-rated. If you’re a dedicated team member, you want to be proud of where you work, knowing that everyone respects and admires your company.

So how do you know where you stand? How good are you really? What’s your way of determining whether you’re the best or not?

There are several ways to get a sense of how good you are. Some cost you money. Others are free. I want to talk about one of the free options you have.

Each year there are several publications who recognize top performing companies through some kind of business awards program. These are typically self-nominated award programs that can give you some great exposure to your target market and potential new customers.

But some are not as helpful as others. In some cases, the publishing organization determines winners based on their advertising spend. It is more of a marketing campaign than a true recognition program.

There is one that is totally focused on business excellence and in fact is designed to help you know where you stand and even help you improve – whether you advertise with them or not. How do I know? Because I am their independent evaluator!

Each year, Style Publishing recognizes the Best of Business in their Frisco Style Magazine. And what makes this business recognition program unique is that the selection is based on specific criteria that is defined and shared with every business that applies.

Because the selection process is independent and objective, you receive helpful feedback on what you can do to improve your business – whether you win or not. So everyone who applies benefits from the process. Some gain helpful insight on areas for improvement. Others are recognized and receive public recognition of their “Best in Business” status.

The Frisco Style Best of Business awards recognize businesses for their excellence in 9 specific categories that are essential for long-term business success: Compelling Vision, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Delighting Customers, Repeatable Processes, Key Performance Indicators, High-Performance Team, Succession Plan, and Giving Back to the Community.

If you want to know how good you really are, then apply for this year’s Best of Business award. You can apply online at http://bestofbusinessfrisco.com The application deadline is August 10, so do it today!

And, before you dismiss this because your business is not in the Collin County area, my offer to you is that I will review and evaluate your application and provide you with helpful feedback even if you are not in the local area.

Use this as an opportunity to identify your areas of improvement. It will help you focus your efforts on what matters most for your business success. Find out how good you really are and take advantage of the benefits that come from this free assessment!

You’ll be glad you did!

Ride Hard,

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