Welcome to the 2019 Tour de Profit! We’re already several months into the year, but this year we’re going to give you a couple of tips each week to energize your business success from now until the final stages of the 2019 Tour de France. That means you’ll get 52 unique tips to help you win the toughest race in business – the Tour de Profit.

Hopefully, you’ve already got your race plan set and working for this year. If not, you’re going to have to work your plan while you race to win – not impossible but certainly more difficult. I’m going to assume that you are “ IN IT to WIN IT ” this year and that you are ready to put forth the effort and consistency necessary to achieve success.

We’ve simply started STAGE 1 and as they say in sports, it’s time to get your legs under you. Stage 1 is all about finding a RHYTHM and finding your PACE – establishing your consistent activities and behaviors.

Rather than have to sprint like the devil in a last-ditch effort to make your plan, it is important to start off with consistency and discipline. Meanwhile, your competition will be working hard at the end primarily because they lacked the discipline earlier in the year. Let’s admit it – we have a tendency to do it!

But not this year! This year we’re going to establish our rhythm and set a good pace starting NOW! Then we will take some “well deserved time off” once we have achieved our goals and beat our competition!

Here’s Your Profit Tip of the Day

It’s time to get serious about achieving our goals for the year! Everyone knows that there are difficult stages ahead, but in this first stage, it is all about getting started.

Find your Tempo = Set your Pace

Find your TEMPO and set your PACE. You need to re-establish your daily goals. They may be activities like how many new prospects call you will make per day, how many new prospects meetings you will schedule each week and how many new proposals will you deliver each week.

What are your expectations for your team on a daily basis? How will you know if you are starting strong? What are your indicators of success and does your team know, understand and measure them?

Use this stage to begin tracking your daily and weekly progress. You will be glad you did once the more difficult stages ahead arrive!

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Come on – join us! And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!


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