This week we enter Stage 11 – Delivery Mastery. With 10 stages behind us, it is time to be certain that we have the fundamentals of execution firmly baked into our business. Our customers are returning to buy from us not only because we have a great product, but because they know that HOW we deliver that product is our trademark – what sets us apart from our competition.

How often do you return to a business when the service you get is below your expectations? Maybe one more time – because you’re a nice person and want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But if the service they provide is sub-par on the second visit, you probably will find another place to get the product or service you need.

The same is true for your customers. Each and every time they walk into your store, visit your office or talk with you on the phone, they are evaluating the service you are providing. If your interaction with them is below their expectations, they will begin thinking about how to get the product they need from another source. You must be aware and tuned in to how your customers are feeling about doing business with you. I call this DELIVERY MASTERY.

Here’s Your Profit Tip of the Day

You must “master” the art of delivering great service to your customers. You can no longer rely on your team members to do the right thing without having customer service standards that you have specifically designed for your business.

You must take charge of your delivery processes and put in place the processes, tools, and methods that will ensure the same high standard of quality is delivered each and every time. You must know what your goals are for delivery. You must have a good idea of the “feeling” you want your customers to get when they do business with you.

This will be the basis for the specific step-by-step process that you will use to deliver that feeling each and every time you interact with your customers. Next, you must understand the critical elements of success for your business in the area of delivery performance.

Here are a few questions for you:

●    How critical is having the right inventory available for your customers?

●    How important is the look of your storefront or office to the impression you make and message your customers get from your business?

●    How critical is the quality of the product you are delivering?

●    How does your customer see quality – from the packaging, from the touch and feel, from your website look?

●    How about the tone of voice you or your team members use when speaking with your customers – either in person or on the phone?

As the business owner, you must set the standards you expect in each of these areas of performance in your business. You must define the level of inventory you want to maintain, the cleanliness of your shop or office, the dress of your team members, the scripts used when answering the phone. Each of these must link together to deliver the complete delivery experience your customers are expecting.

My challenge to you

Define your expectations for delivery, then make sure your expectations are fulfilled each and every time a team member engages with a customer.

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