Today is stage 19 of the 2019 Tour de Profit. We will focus on the first of five “mountain” stages. This first peak is named Lead Generation. Only the strongest riders in the Tour de Profit will have what it takes to execute well over these next five stages. This is truly where the rubber meets the road – where we separate the boys from the men and the girls from the women so to speak. Many will talk the talk, but only a few will walk the walk.

Without Lead Generation, your business will flounder and ultimately fail. Superior Lead Generation requires a well thought out plan, a commitment to be consistent and a coordinated effort between your different lead generation strategies. You must be very clear on your purpose, your competitive advantages, your target markets, your niche, and your budget when you are making your plan for generating leads for your business.

These specific lead generation strategies are like the spokes on the front wheel of your bike. If you only have one or two spokes, your wheel will not be very stable. Likewise, if you are trying to grow your business using only one or two lead generation strategies, your results will likely be erratic and unpredictable.

Your Profit Tip of the Day

Write down your six to eight lead-generating strategies and allocate your marketing budget between these specific strategies.

An important responsibility you must make in this stage is to MEASURE your results and TEST any adjustments you make. The best way to create an effective and efficient lead generation machine is to have the discipline to make a plan, stick to the plan, do the required repetitions, measure the results from your efforts and make changes one at a time so you can test and measure what happens when you change one of the variables.

If you find some strategies do not work well, make adjustments, test the results of the change, and either continue to tweak them or eliminate them from your plan. I assure you, if you apply discipline to this element of the business chassis, you will set yourself apart from your competition – by a long margin.

You must have a plan, and stick to the plan. You must do the repetitions and refuse to make excuses. Simply go shake hands with your target audience each and every day.

Next week, we will focus on your sales process – or Lead Conversion activities. But first, get your homework done for this stage. Remember the prize you are chasing – winning the Tour de Profit.

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