Today we will focus on Key #4 – Action Plans. It goes without saying that you can accomplish more when you have a plan to follow. That is true for each of us individually and for a team of people working towards a common goal. Think of an Action Plan as a syllabus for a course you are taking. The teacher would not think of going into the classroom day after day without a plan that she is intending to follow.

In order to make sure all of the topics that will be on the test are covered, she has mapped out the order in which they will be covered, how long it should take, what the required reading will be for each day and what expected learnings should come from each lesson.

So why would you not expect everyone on your team to be working from a written action plan? It only seems reasonable to expect that everyone who is working in your business to be able to articulate what they are working on, how it fits into the overall business plan, and what their timeline for completion looks like.

You have a written plan, don’t you? If you don’t have a plan as the business owner, then work on yours first! You MUST have an action plan. It MUST be written. It MUST be kept up to date. Preferably it would be posted or available for anyone in the business to see.

As you are working on your Action Plans, there are some fundamental rules that should apply. These are intended to make sure your action plans will result in the most important element – ACTION! There are many ways to remember how to put together action plans.

Your Profit Tip of the Day

SPAM each of your goals!

Why SPAM? You might think it is simply a processed meat product that comes in a can with a clever key to open it. But as they say in SPAM country, there are many, many uses for SPAM. You can slice it and fry it as a breakfast meat. You can slice it and make a sandwich for lunch. You can grind it and make a spread for snacking. But, you can also use it to keep your action plans focused. SPAM your Goals! Here’s how:

●    S = Specific. Make sure each item in your action plan is Specific. Write it with enough detail so that everyone and anyone would know and understand exactly what you intend to accomplish.

●    P = Personal. Assign each item in your action plan to a Person – by name. Don’t assign items to teams or groups. Assign them to a specific person on the team. Someone who can be responsible for the execution and completion of the action item.

●    A = Actionable. Write each item in your action plan in the present tense with Action-focused language. Make sure the focus is on doing something, not just considering, investigating, pondering, exploring, or discussing. Use words like complete, revise, transition, move, update, add, build, or create. An Action Plan suggests you are taking Action.

●    M = Measurable. Make sure that every item in your action plan has a measurement tied to it. How will you determine if the action item has been done successfully? The measure may be a quantity. It may be a timeframe. It may be an altitude or a temperature. Whatever fits the action item, make sure you are defining the outcome with a Measurement.

I have found that when I SPAM my goals, my results are more certain. I believe in this concept to the point that I have a can of SPAM on my bookshelf where everyone can see it every day. It is the constant reminder that everything we do must be done with these concepts in mind – Specific, Personal, Actionable, and Measurable.

Are you using SPAM in your business? Does everyone on your team have an Action Plan? If not, Start with the most important person in your business – YOU! Then, share yours with your team and ask them to create their own to support your Action Plan.

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