This is the year we are going to take your business and make it the success you have been dreaming about. You’re off to a great start – you have your goals set, you are measuring your progress on a regular basis and you have your support team in place. We’re at a VERY critical stage in the race, and we’ve got to maintain momentum while we deliver VALUE to our clients and customers.

Here are a couple questions for you:

What exactly is your Value Proposition? You must know it and be able to deliver it day in and day out – without exception. Many will say something like “Excellent Customer Service”, or “Quality Products and Service”. Others will suggest it has something to do with their reputation or their long history of excellent performance. I believe it must be stated in terms of a FEELING that someone gets when they do business with you.

Have you defined your value proposition in terms of a feeling? Think about it. When a customer uses your product or service, how does that make them FEEL? Do they get a sense of confidence? Do they feel refreshed? Does working with you give them a sense of hope? Maybe when they visit your shop they are overwhelmed by a sense of calm relaxation. What is it that you want them to FEEL?

Let’s face it, most of us do not have a name brand, like Coke, McDonalds or Starbucks where the satisfaction guarantee is almost certain because of our reputation and brand. Most of us are in a business where it is neither the Brand nor the Product that is the real reason people buy from us.

Here’s Your Profit Tip of the Day

Your Customers are buying from you because of the FEELING they get when they do business with you. If you are scratching your head on this one, then here is a simple exercise for you this week – ask some of your current customers! Get them to tell you why they do business with you in terms of a FEELING. If you get similar responses from several customers, you will know exactly why they like doing business with you. Think about it…How can you ever think to replicate what matters if you don’t know what MATTERS?

Stage 4 is a difficult stage. It is not an off the cuff thought or answer. This must be thought about deeply, then researched with some current customers. Work hard during this stage to determine exactly what your Value Proposition is. I guarantee you it will help you as the 2019 Tour de Profit heads up in the coming weeks! Good luck!

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