Your 2019 Tour de Profit is well underway! Four stages are now behind you. By now you should be rolling along, creating raving fans and landing new clients.

We’ve covered some important territory during the first 4 stages. By now you should have accomplished these critical activities:

●    Written goals for the year,

●    Shared your goals with your Team,

●    Tracking daily and weekly activity,

●    Established your tracking methods to hold you and your team accountable,

●    Assembled your team of advisors,

●    Refined your Value Proposition,

●    Visited with many of your current customers to get their inputs on your Value Proposition.

That’s a lot of ground to have covered, but if you work at it a little each week, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Don’t be like most business owners who delay these critical activities. They will never get them done and then wonder why things never change – the business never gets better.

Here’s Your Profit Tip of the Day

You’ve spent the time thinking about and asking others “Why do you do business with me?” Their answers are the clues to the “feelings” that your customers get when they do business with you – which is the essence of your value proposition. Now, it is time to bring that new understanding to life in your business.

The big question this week is:  What do I need to do EVERYDAY in my business to make sure I deliver my Value Proposition to my customers?

Here are a couple of specific questions that might help:

●    If you are in the business of Building High Self Esteem, then how are you going to do that? What are the activities that will do just that?

●    What will you do to deliver on the “feeling” you want your customers to have when they do business with you.

My Challenge to you

Make a list of these critical behaviors. My bet is that you may need to change your behavior and some of the behaviors of your team in order to deliver your true value proposition.

This will be hard. You will certainly stumble from time to time. So, make a commitment during this week’s stage 5. Make the commitment that you will do the following:

  1. Translate your Value Proposition into a list of activities that you will do every day when you are face to face with your customers or prospects.
  2. Communicate your list of activities to your Team and hold them accountable to behave differently from this week forward.
  3. Recognize yourself and your team members when they perform the daily activities that you have listed.

Set aside the time to get this done. Anyone can come up with a clever value proposition statement. Only a few will do the work necessary to bring it to life. If you intend to win the 2019 Tour de Profit, you MUST complete these three action items this week.

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