The hard racing is over. The winners have been decided. All that remains is the ceremonial ride into Paris culminating with the final laps down the Champs Elysees. There will be time to compete again in the next race, but for now, the focus is on celebration and appreciation.

While you ride hard throughout the entire year and focus you’re on your business, the final measure of success comes down to the satisfaction and successes you have in your personal life.  

No matter what your faith or religious preferences, there are times when you must take time to reflect on why you are here. If you have a healthy balance throughout the year, then good for you! Unfortunately, most do not. If you are among those who run hard and fast all year long, then this stage is designed with you in mind. This is your time to step away from the business and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

And, don’t forget to allow your team members to do the same. Be considerate of what matters to others around you and give them the flexibility and freedom to take time to refresh and recharge. I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished during this year’s Tour de Profit. Now is the time to rest up before you have to get back on the bike for next year’s ride.

The course continues to get more difficult. We’ll be ready to push you along as you gear up for next year. I look forward to riding along with you again as you continue your quest to win the Tour de Profit.

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Come on – join us! And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!


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