Every business transaction is an exchange of value. If you give me $1, you expect to get something worth more than $1 in return. Anything less is not worth the effort of the exchange. I call this a Value Proposition.

But most business owners don’t really understand what their Value Proposition is – that is they don’t really know what they are selling! Here’s a clue – it’s not your product or your service. In most cases, it is best defined as the FEELING your customer gets when they do business with you – that’s the true value they are willing to pay for!

Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day

  • Answer these questions: “What FEELINGS do I want my customers to have when they do business with me?” “How will I know if my customers actually got that feeling when they did business with me?”
  • Declare to your team the specific feelings you want your customers to have.
  • Review each step of your marketing, sales and delivery processes and ask if each process promotes the feelings that represent your Value Proposition.
  •  Modify your processes to deliver your desired feelings – and customers will rave about you!

If you’re not sure how to answer the 2 questions above, schedule time to visit with 5 of your best customers and ask them these questions. They will give you the answer to your true Value Proposition!

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