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Hey, Rich Allen here, coming to you from the campus of High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. I have told you a lot about this campus. Well, I hate to brag, but I’ve got to tell you, they’ve got their stuff together here.

They’ve set a high standard. I’ve talked about setting standards in your business. They’ve set one here where they say, “It’s all about being extraordinary.” That’s what they want of their students. That what’s they expected of their faculty. That’s what they expect of the environment that the kids find themselves in every day.

One of the things that came up today that I thought was worth sharing with you was the emphasis that the leaders of this organization placed on building their team with the BEST people.

I see that a lot of the struggles that business owners have is because they’re trying to get their work done and they’re trying to satisfy their customers, but they’re doing it on their own shoulders. They’re doing from their just hard work and grit and determination and they find it difficult, challenging to find good people. But I tell you, if you set your standards high and are relentless about making sure that you surround yourself with extraordinary people, your customers will get the kind of experience that you expect.

And I would just tell you as a business owner, the one piece of advice that I would give you based on what I’m experiencing here is that you don’t settle.
Don’t settle for just average.
Don’t take someone who just happens along that can fill the position. Be demanding. Make sure that you that only let people on your team who are themselves extraordinary. Make sure that they are the best in their field.

If you’re looking for a project manager, make sure that they’ve got some experience that demonstrates that they are extraordinary at being a project manager. If you’re looking for somebody to sit at your front desk and answer the phones, make sure that they can do that in an extraordinary, exceptional way.

Don’t settle for somebody just because they happened to be available, that they’re a friend of a friend or if they’re someone who just lost their job and they need your help. Don’t do that because your organization is nothing more than a collection of the extraordinary people that you bring together. They are what make your business really rock, really solid.

So, take the lesson that I’ve learned here from High Point University and that is fill every position with somebody who’s at the top of their game, who’s the best at what they do. Once you put that team of top-flight people together, it’ll be an experience for your customers like they’ve never seen before. And they’ll tell everyone about it and your business will grow.

It’s incredible how it works. Don’t side-step this one critical aspect of your role as the business owner. It’s your job to protect the circle of folks that you call your team. Don’t let folks in that circle that don’t belong there. And if there’s some folks already in that don’t belong there, it’s time to get them out.

Be demanding on this one. Surround yourself with great people, you’ll end up with a great business. It’s as simple as that.

I’m Rich Allen, coming to you from High Point University in High Point, North Carolina hoping that you’ll take the discipline, have the determination, and have the commitment to never let anyone on your team other than those who are top-notch in what they do. Good luck with that.

Ride Hard,

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