Stage 37 is the much-anticipated Team Time Trial. There is nothing quite as powerful as putting your new learning into action immediately after you gain new knowledge. So let’s get right into this week’s challenge.

Your Profit Tip of the Day

Plan for and execute a unique experience for your entire team that embodies the 7 Keys of a Winning Team.

Here are some ground rules for your team activity. The activity should:

● Be the central theme for your week.

● Be not less than half a normal workday.

● Be off-site if possible, however, an on-site activity can work if you must.

● Require interaction across functional areas of the business.

● Build one another up.

● Be fun.

● Be novel.

Now, think back over the 7 Keys to a Winning Team and ask yourself, which ones do I really need to make a positive change in to improve our teamwork and performance. Make sure your activity can allow you to demonstrate those particular keys. Be purposeful in the design of your activities. To prime the pump, here are a few ideas to consider.

● Find an arcade or recreation center where your team can “play”. They will often times have staff members who specialize in team building activities.

● Host your team to a catered dinner event combined with a memorable experience. You could take them out on a boat, go to a fun dance hall, or hold your event in an art gallery.

● Take your team to a baseball game, or other sporting events where they can be recognized on the jumbotron.

● Reserve a park where you can have your senior leaders grill burgers and organize games.

To get the best results and to employ one of the 7 Keys, invite some on your team to get involved with the planning and organizing.

When you introduce an out of the norm experience for the team and show them that they are more important to you than just about anything in the business, their level of commitment and passion will immediately rise.

This is not the time for you to boast or show off. This is the time to let the team see that you care about them, trust them, have confidence in them, value them and appreciate them. Focus on the behaviors and habits that you want the entire team to embrace. While it is certainly ok to recognize outstanding results, the more powerful approach is to recognize the behaviors you want to see in your business in spite of the absolute result, particularly if you are confident that one will lead to the other.

So, there you go. You’ve got your assignment for the week. Step out of the box this week. Let your people know you value them. Don’t put it off.

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