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Measuring Performance

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Think back to when you were in grade school.  Every day your teacher would observe your behavior and either put a little gold star on your chart or might send a note home to your parents.  When you had a test, she (or he) would collect your papers, grade them and return them to you with a score written in red in the top right-hand corner of the test.  You knew exactly where you stood everyday.  There was no guesswork.  You knew whether you were passing or failing – whether you were their favorite student or one of the “difficult” kids.

Why should it be any different with your employees or team members?  Why should they not have the same opportunity to know exactly where they stand every day or every week?  We all still want to get the little gold stars don’t we?

 Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day

  • Draw a 5 by 5 matrix on a page. On the Y axis mark “What” and on the X axis mark “How”.
  • Now starting from the lower left corner, define performance from low to high for both the “What” (what gets done) and the “How” (how works gets done) in your business.
  • Share the matrix with your team members and come to agreement on where they are on the matrix today and what they need to do to move up and to the right on the chart!


Find a way to openly share your assessment of performance with your team members on a more regular basis.  Once per year is not enough.  Make it more frequent and more timely.  You will see the benefits immediately!

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