Today we’re on Stage 20. We are going to focus on making the absolute most of the work you did in earlier stages to generate leads for your business. It is time to start turning those leads into paying customers.

To make improvements in this area, you simply have to start doing one thing – MEASURING YOUR RESULTS! Once you start measuring, you realize what you should be doing that you are not, and your results will begin to improve.

Now, make the most of that investment by defining your specific, repeatable sales steps that will convert your leads into customers.

Your Profit Tip of the Day

Write down the specific steps that you take each and every lead through to get them familiar enough with you and your business to pull out their wallet and do business with you.

Each business has a different set of steps in their selling process. Some have just a few steps – most often where the average ticket price for a transaction is relatively small. Others have many steps – often when the average ticket price is relatively large.

You must decide how familiar a new prospect needs to be with you and your business in order to pull out their wallet and make a purchase. If it is a complicated product or service, you will likely need more steps in your selling process. Once you have your current process steps written down, Ask yourself these questions:

●    Is everyone in my business doing it the same way? If not, why not?

●    How can you have a “best in class” approach if you allow each individual to “roll their own”?

●    How can you test and measure new approaches if you don’t first start with a standard?

●    How can you improve and predict your outcome if there are multiple approaches?

I often hear business owners say they would lose their best salesperson if they made them follow a standard sales process. Let me ask you these few questions:

●    Who’s business is it? Yours or your salesperson?

●    Who has all the risk in the deal?

●    Who is setting the expectations and limitations?

Establish your specific selling process steps, train your team to follow the selling process, support it with the necessary materials, and measure the results of each specific step. Make changes to your sales process based on the results of your measurements.

One last thought. As you build your step by step sales process, be mindful of the thought that in every sales process there is a point where your prospect will do some specific physical something to indicate they are ready to buy. If you can identify that “physical something”for your business, then point all of your efforts to make that happen, your conversion rate will improve. I call this the “get on the boat” moment.

Stage 20 is one of the mountain stages because if you can master this stage, you will separate yourself from your competition. Most other business owners will falter and go back to their old ways of doing business. Don’t let that happen to you. Build a repeatable process for converting leads into customers.

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