Today’s stage is all about setting the boundaries within which your team will work. But before we get into the details, let me make sure you do not misinterpret the concept of Rules of the Game. Did you ever play Kick the Can or Capture the Flag when you were a kid. Yes, I know some of you are still playing those games today – I know I am.

My kids are constantly asking to play – and I’m getting quite good at the strategy for Capture the Flag! In those games, there are very few rules. As a parent, you may have some “off-limits” areas that you just don’t want the kids going into or other areas that are off-limits for safety reasons. In any case, boundaries are set. Then, once the game begins, everyone can do their own thing.

This is not unlike what you should do in your business. Establish the Rules of the Game, set the boundaries, and then let your team enjoy their work! Unfortunately, I find that many business owners play the game differently. They treat it more like having a dog with a shock collar and an invisible fence. When they hire a new team member, they silently put a shock collar on them and don’t tell them where the invisible fence is buried.

Then, when something goes wrong or someone goes out of bounds, the owner hits the shock collar button to the surprise of the person wearing it. The typical response is something like “What was that for?” or “I didn’t know that was a big deal!” Rather than setting the rules out upfront, the people on the team have to guess what they are.

Once they get the shock treatment, they will play the game safe. Some may choose to have a long list of rules, others would prefer to have very few. Personally, I believe that if you want to get the most from your team and want them to take ownership of their role in your business, you will set fewer rules.

Your Profit Tip of the Day

A great book that I would recommend you read is Drive by Daniel H. Pink. The book outlines the 3rd dimension of motivation that most business owners are missing.

I particularly like the idea of creating a ROWE – Results-Oriented Work Environment. Daniel describes this as moving beyond the cliché of “empowerment” and truly allowing your team members to do their work how and when they want to with the only “rule” being that everyone will be accountable for their results.

Now, I know this cannot work for many businesses. In retail, you have store hours and need staff to be available to service customers. If you want to get the most creativity, engagement, and enthusiasm from your team, set as few rules as you can and let them “own” their results! your assignments for this week are these:

1.   Get and begin reading the book Drive by Daniel Pink

2.   Write down the essential Rules of the Game for your business

3.   Find the time to share the rules with your entire team.

Get out your calendar and schedule time right now to get these things done this week. Don’t procrastinate. Your team will thank you and your business will benefit from your attention to this important Key #3 to Creating a Winning Team.

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