Congratulations! You have successfully completed the 2019 Tour de Profit! You should feel good about staying in the race, maintaining your discipline, and spending the time to focus on your business rather than simply working in your business.

I want you to take 30 minutes today to reflect on the lessons of this year’s race. You may consider it your Wins and Challenges. You call it whatever works for you, but take the time to sit down with a paper and pen or at your computer and capture the lessons you learned from this year’s competition.

  • What did you do this past year that you want to do again – those things that worked?
  • What happened this past year that you should not let happen again next year?
  • What should you avoid at all costs?
  • What missed opportunities can you see now that you are looking in the rearview mirror?
  • What new skills do you need to have as you begin your next year’s race?
  • What skills are missing from your team that you need to make sure you secure?

The trick to winning is to be improving all the time. There is no reason to repeat the year you just had again.

If your son came home from the 4th grade and said, Mom, Dad, I have some bad news. I failed the 4th grade and will have to repeat it again next year, how would you respond? Would you lift him up, support him, tell him to try harder and help him get through the 4th grade the following year? Of course, you would.

But what if he did that every year for the next several years? How would you feel then? Would you start to wonder if he was really your son? Would you question what was wrong? Of course, you would. That’s essentially what business owners do when they simply repeat the same activities year after year and never take the time to stop, reflect, make changes and improve!

Well, let’s not let that happen to you! Take the time, while the memories are fresh, to gather your learnings and make improvements for this next year.

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